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Prism Recording Studios

Lounge area 42 inch Toshiba TV with Sky Plus, Xbox with games & video and DVD player with huge collection of films, music documentaries etc…To stop you getting bored while your guitarist spends 8 days doing his solo!!


Bathroom with showers etc.

All rooms have air conditioning.

10 different recording rooms with different ambience from dead areas to stone room sound .

Equipment list

Studio one Console:

DDA Profile Analogue 56 channels (128 in’s) automated with API Uptown flying faders automation, Channel Mutes, Aux sends and inserts also automated.

24 Fader ICON Q-con fully automated DAW Console, Total Recall.


Studio 2 Console:

Digidesign Control 24 Digital Desk for Pro Tools.


Tape Machines:

Soundcraft Saturn 824 24 track 2inch tape (Studio 1) Soundcraft Series 760 Mk3 2 inch tape (Studio 2) both units are 24 track with full remotes and autolocators with XRI 300 smpte time code unit.

Studio 2 also has a Fostex B16 half inch 15ips 16 track Tape with 4050 remote.


DAW Studio 1:

Apple Power Mac 8 core 2 x 24 inch Mac cinema displays.

Steinberg Cubase , Protools, Logic, Zillions of virtual instruments and plugin’s.
 Too Many to list.

Motu 24io audio interface 32bit 96k.

Motu 128 ch midi interface.


Studio 2:

Apple Mac quad core Mac pro Motu 2408 32 bit 96k Audio interface.

Carillon audio PC. Steinberg Midex 8 Midi Interface 


Monitoring Studio 1:  

Quested S7 & Leak 2075 main studio monitors powered by Crown Amcron amplification.

Studios 2 KRK Nearfields & Auratones. 


2 Tracks :

Soundcraft series 20 half inch tape 2 track stereo 30 / 15 ips (studio 1) also same machine but quarter inch in studio 2. (Very rare only six in the world)

Tascam 22/2 stereo 2 track 15 / 7 ips.

Akai 8 track cartridge player / recorder. 

Sony DT55 time code DAT machine. 

Minidisk and Cassette units.

CD Duplicator.


Outboard dynamics:

NEVE 1073 dpx Mic amps & EQ x 2

NEVE 1081 Mic amps x 4 (4081)

Empirical Labs Distrssors x 3,

Over 20 various DBX Compressors.

SPL Transient Designer x 4.

Joe meek Optical Comp x 2.

Drawmer MX 50 de-esser x 2

Focusright Voicemaster Pro Mic Amp.

TLA Audio Valve Mic amps x 4 Valve Comps x 2, Dual Valve EQ x 2

Plus Racks ‘n’ Racks More gear.......


Outboard effects:

Lexicon 480L and Larc V4.1, Eventide H4000.  

Sony R7 reverb, D7 delay, M7 modulation units with remote controller.

Theta Phaser from Gary Brooker used on Procal Harem Records.

Watkins 4 head Copycat Tape Delay ex Regent Sound Studios London.  

More rack units from Roland, Alessis, Korg, Yamaha etc......


Mic collection:

Neumann M7 1953 valve Mic all original cables, powers supply etc. sounds incredible!!  

Neumann U87 1973 x 1

Shure SM 57 x 6

Shure SM7 x 1

Sennhiser 421's & 906's

Beyer Ribbon mics matched pair purchased from Chris Rea originally from the Rolling Stones Mobile recording studio.

T-bone Telefunken valve mic replicas x 2

AKG C414 EB x 2

AKG Solidtube x 1

AKG 451 x 2

CAD Trion dual ribbon mic x 2

Calrec 1050's x 4

Electovoice RE20 x 1

Rhode NT2 x 4

Rhode  NT1 x 2

Yamaha Sub Kick Mic x 1

AKG 422 stereo 414 x 1

AKG D112 x 1

Beyer M380 x 1

Binaural Head Stereo Mic   

AKG C1000 x 1 & various others ……….


Vintage keyboards:

Hammond B3000 & 147 Leslie cab, full scale bass pedals.

Hohner D6 Clavinet. Purchased from James Taylor.

Fender Rhodes Suitcase model.

Wurlitzer EP 200 piano Beige Top Suitcase model (rare) !

Vox Continental Mark 2 organ.

Vintage very old Autoharp.

80 year old Harmonium church pump organ.  

Selmer & Farfisa vintage reed organs,

Technics E55 dual manual organ.

Monnington & Western upright piano.

Tack Piano 110 years old ex silent movies cinema piano.

Accordion, Melodicas & Rolf Harris Vintage Stylophone   .


Synths :

M-audio 88 note weighted keys midi controller. 

Korg Triton studio

Korg Triton LE

Yamaha CS2x

Korg DW8000

Roland D70

Roland VP 440 Vocoder.

Yamaha YS200



Akai S1000 samplers x 2 with Iomega 100 Zip SCSI drives massive library.

Akai S612 sampler & disk drive.

EMU Proteus 1 (pop) 2 (Orchestral) and 3 (World sounds)

EMU Procussion rack

EMU Vintage Keys rack

Roland TD7 drum rack

Roland GR50 Midi Guitar Synth GK2 pickup fitted to PRS copy guitar.

Korg O5R rack.

Akai Decca buddy harmony machine.

Novation Nova Module.

Roland JV1080 with expansion cards installed.


Studio House Drum Kit if needed:

Pearl All Birch shell kit from 1980’s (Massive  Kick and Tom sounds)

Tama Lars Ulrich Diamond plate Snare (one of the best recording snares ever according to Shaun) Lots of Percussion inc Congas, Bongos, various Tambourines and Shakers and other weird things that make great noises.



Guitars, Basses, Mandolins, ukuleles and Acoustics too many to list, (try to guess from the pictures of the guitar room).


Guitar Amps :

Blackstar Artisan 30 plus matching 4 x 12 cab.

Line 6 Bognor mk2. & foot controller.

Peavey 5150mk2 plus matching 4 x 12 B cab.

Marshall JCM 2000  plus matching 4 x 12 1960 cab.

Marshall Mode 4 head & footcontroller.

Soundcity L100 Plus matching 4 x 12 Cab.

Orange Rocker 50 head.

Fender Twin Reverb combo.

Vox AC 30 combo.

Line 6 various Guitar & Bass pods x 5 

Marshall JCM 800 100w bass head.

Peavey Mk3 bass head.

Vox foundation bass head Plus matching Vox cab 1 x 15 x 2 x 10.

Hartke Hidrive 1x12 bass combo.

Sansamp rackmout bass preamp. 

Trace Elliot V cab 8 x10 beast !!

Zillions of guitar toys pedals etc....., Blackstar, Vox, Boss, Electro Harmonix.