Stuart Epps
I have been producing and engineering for nearly 50 years . I have worked in many great studios all over the world including Abbey Road London, Capital studios Los Angeles and the great Gus Dudgeons studio the Mill in Cookham Berkshire . In my opinion Prism studios with Shaun Lowe at the helm ranks alongside these in terms of quality and atmosphere and technical brilliance . When it comes to the equipment he has the best in every area , mics . Amps , Drums . Guitars the Lot . Cant be beaten for the price . Love it ! Stu 

Trace Taylor
When looking to embark on my recording project of a couple of years back, I had been to visit a few studios. However, as soon as I walked in to Prism and met Shaun I knew it was the place for me. Shaun was flexible in his approach which really suited me on a tight budget. I needed to save up for each stint in the studio and Shaun's easy-going approach really met my needs financially, as supposed to other studios who only offered block packages. Shaun is extremely skilled, dedicated and patient, willing to offer as part of your daily rate all of his expertise in songwriting, composition and musicianship along with his primary job role as recording engineer and producer. He takes care of his premises to ensure it is a safe, welcoming, relaxing place to be for all who come to record. As a Sony award-winning, state of the art recording studio and producer, Shaun and Prism Studios is by far the best I would recommend to work with.

Vaughan Bagnall
We found the facilities and relaxed atmosphere at Prism very conducive to focused and highly productive recording sessions. Shaun Lowe is a consummate professional dedicated to perfection. His advice and guidance were pivotal in ensuring both of our recent albums turned out better than we could ever have imagined - to say that we were delighted is an understatement. Shaun's meticulous attention to detail and refusal to accept anything other than perfection made a profound difference to the final outcome. He is blessed/cursed with perfect pitch and his ears soon start twitching if there is anything untoward in the mix! We would never consider using anyone else for our future projects and would have no hesitation in highly recommending Prism Studios. Thanks for everything Shaun - you're the man!  

Rob Wild
A superb facility which mixes modern tech with painstakingly acquired vintage gear. All bought together by the supremely talented Shaun who is that rare individual, an expert engineer and producer, arranger and musician. A superb understanding of song construction, instrument tone, people and the musician’s vision. A painstaking attention to detail and a superb work ethic exceeded our expectations. Can't wait to get back there.