On-Line Mixing & Mastering  
Although there is nothing better than recording in a professionally designed studio with an experienced engineer with great sounding equipment and rooms, location and home recording have become a great hobby for many so it has become a much needed service for people to have their songs professionally mixed and mastered in a professional studio.  
How does this works? 
Email a rough mix of your song and Shaun will listen, if all seems good you can arrange to bring your song files into this amazing studio and sit in with platinum award winning Engineer / Producer Shaun Lowe at the controls of all the vintage and cutting edge equipment at Prism.
Shaun has had over 32 years experience and recorded produced and mixed hundreds of albums and singles of all genres, he will breathe new life into your tunes! I've seen this with my own eyes when he’s worked with band in the past.
You can also submit your work on-line if for example you are too far away to attend.  
email prismstudios@aol.com for details.  
Mick Lunt, Prism studios website administrator.